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SmartPractice Revolutionizes Healthcare Bags With Affordable Paper and Plastic Selection.

Phoenix, Apr. 30, 2020
SmartPractice, a global distributor of healthcare communications and practice marketing materials for over 50 years, announces an expanded line of patient supply bags with over… (read the full press release)

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NO. 16: SmartPractice 2019 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America

Phoenix, Nov. 19, 2019
Wellness Program Highlights: A completion rate of nearly 99% for annual preventive exams best tells the success of our wellness program over the last… (read the full story)

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Phoenix, July 26, 2019
SmartPractice, a healthcare marketing and supplies firm, announced a new $60,000 donation to the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an affiliate of City of Hope, for the development of a quicker and more accurate way to detect and monitor… (read the full story)

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We’re Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary by Improving World Health.

Phoenix, Dec. 27, 2018
It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come! In 1969, SmartPractice started out as a small, family-owned dental postcard company in Phoenix, Arizona. Fifty years later, we’re humbled and proud to have evolved into a leader in world health. … (read the full press release)

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Why We’re One of the Top 5 Healthiest Employers in the U.S.

Phoenix, Sept. 28, 2018
Springbuk, Inc. recently honored SmartPractice® as the fifth Healthiest Employer in the U.S.! We stood among more than eight thousand organizations in the running for Springbuk’s prestigious Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America Award. … (read the full press release)

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SmartPractice Continues Its Commitment to Breast Cancer Research

Phoenix, July 26, 2018
Here at SmartPractice, we stand by our mission to improve world health. Whether by providing the tools and support that make it easier for practitioners to focus on patient care, or by supporting a number breast cancer research and outreach programs. … (read the full press release)

T.R.U.E. Test® Ready-To-Use Patch Test Receives FDA Approval For Pediatric Use

Phoenix, Sept. 12, 2017
SmartPractice has received FDA approval for T.R.U.E. TEST ( ready-to-use patch test panels for pediatric patients as young as 6 years of age. … (read the full press release)

Top-ranked in the Phoenix Business Journal’s Healthiest Employers for the sixth year in a row

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) May 5, 2017
SmartPractice, which provides products and services to help operators of health care practices, turned in a score of 70.88 to top the Midsize division for companies with between 251 and 1,499 employees. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice® Wins Best Workplace in the Americas Award in 2016

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) December 21, 2016
The Printing Industries of America honored SmartPractice this year with the Best Workplace in the Americas Award. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice® Introduces a Vibrant, Lime Green Chloroprene Exam Glove this December

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) November 29, 2016
Dental workers who opt for exam gloves made with non-latex materials like nitrile may find that the gloves do not fit, feel or function as well as latex. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice donates $50,000 to TGen cancer research, May 12, 2016
Healthcare consulting firm SmartPractice donates to TGen towards early breast cancer detection Phoenix, Ariz. - May 12, 2016 - SmartPractice today donated $50,000 to the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) to support research for the early detection and more precise treatment of breast cancer. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Launches Reflection Sapphire Sensitive Nitrile Gloves for Irritated Hands

PRWEB, March 25, 2016
Phoenix, Arizona —Reflection Sapphire Sensitive Nitrile Exam Gloves are a comfortable glove option for dental professionals who are sensitive to latex or the chemical additives used in many common dental office products. … (read the full press release)

In March, SmartPractice® Launches Online Dental Newsletter Builder

PRWEB, March 04, 2016
Phoenix, Arizona —SmartPractice® launches an online Dental Newsletter builder this March to enhance patient communication, attraction and loyalty, providing a limited time discount on the first mailing. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice® Launches Largest Selection of Dental Recall Cards

PRWEB, January 30, 2016
Phoenix, Arizona —The success or failure of a dental practice depends largely on patient recall. Staying connected with patients by utilizing Recall Cards is a key way to retain them. According to SmartPractice Marketing Coordinator, Heather Kalish: “SmartPractice … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice® Introduces 2016 Calendars for Dental Practice Giveaways

PRWEB, August 28, 2015
Phoenix, Arizona —SmartPractice Calendars afford dental offices yearlong visibility and increased patient loyalty at a low cost. Personalized with practice contact information and logos, Calendars stand alone as functional brand-building giveaways for new and existing patients. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Launches Cavity Zombie Halloween Campaign this month

PRWEB, August 4, 2015
Phoenix, Arizona — SmartPractice launches the Cavity Zombie Halloween Campaign on August 17 to help dental offices promote oral health and patient loyalty. The Cavity Zombie Halloween Campaign by SmartPractice aims to provide a seasonally appropriate way for dental offices to promote oral health and patient loyalty. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Donates $25,000 to HonorHealth Breast Health and Research Center

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, May 27, 2015
Phoenix, Arizona — Continuing its commitment to finding a cure and supporting a mission of healthier patients in the community, SmartPractice® donated $25,000 to HonorHealth Breast Health and Research Center (formerly John C. Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center). … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice introduces 2 new options in supply bags

Dentistry IQ, March 9, 2015
Phoenix, Arizona — In response dental practices’ demands for greener products, SmartPractice now offers environmentally-friendly Paper Supply Bags. Fully biodegradable, Paper Supply Bags can be personalized with your practice name, logo, and contact information. New designs, such as kid-friendly puzzles and activities, make them the ideal choice for pediatric dentists. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice® Introduces Dental Semi-Custom Recall Cards

PRWEB, January 26, 2015
Phoenix, Arizona — Just in time for the new year, SmartPractice® has launched a line of Semi-Custom Recall Cards. Dental practices currently purchasing pre-designed recall cards are now able to tailor the message they wish to convey to patients and choose from a variety of eye-catching new color schemes to reflect their unique brand. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Launches Popular Moisture-balancing, Super Stretchy Le Soothe Latex-Free Glove in a Sapphire Color

PRWEB, November 20, 2014
Phoenix, Arizona — Just in time for dry, winter weather! SmartPractice® announces that the newest, non-latex Le Soothe® Sapphire™ Polychloroprene Exam Gloves are now available and is accepting requests for samples and orders. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Introduces a Halloween Marketing Guide to Assist Dental Practices in Creating Robust Halloween Campaigns

PRWEB, October 10, 2014
Phoenix, Arizona — Any size dental practice can develop and implement a lively and effective Halloween campaign. SmartPractice®, the trusted expert in dental practice marketing, has developed a comprehensive guide that outlines how. … (read the full press release)

News Alert: SmartPractice Expands Dental Supplies Offerings

PRWEB, August 14, 2014
Phoenix, Arizona — In direct response to requests from dental practices, SmartPractice® recently expanded its dental supplies selection. More products from Crest + Oral-B and GSK have been added. Plus, products from Air Techniques and Denterprise as a result of new authorized distributorships. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Donates $33,000 to American Dental Association’s Give Kids a Smile from Annual SmartScramble Charity Golf Event

PRWEB, Apr 18, 2014
Phoenix, Arizona — The 13th Annual SmartScramble Charity Golf Tournament by SmartPractice® attracted more than 300 golfers to McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale on April 11, 2014. Each year, the proceeds benefit Give Kids a Smile®, the American Dental Association’s program that partners with dentists in the community to provide dental services to underserved children. … (read the full press release)

John C. Lincoln’s Breast Health and Research Center Receives $50,000 Donation from SmartPractice, Apr 15, 2014
Phoenix, Arizona — John C. Lincoln's Breast Health and Research Center received a $50,000 check from SmartPractice on Tuesday, April 1. The check presentation was held at the Breast Health and Research Center … (read the full press release)

Motivate Patients to Invest in their Smiles with New Dental Wall Art Designs from SmartPractice that Promote Clear Braces and Whitening

PRWeb, Mar 24, 2014
Phoenix, Arizona — It is now easier for Dental practices to boost revenue by promoting cosmetic services with new Dental Wall Art designs advertising Teeth Whitening and Clear Braces. Dental Posters and Dental Office Wall Art that promote recognizable brands like invisalign®, Phillips Zoom! or similar brands create instant awareness … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Recognized as the 11th Healthiest Workplace in the Nation

PRWeb, Mar 21, 2014
Phoenix, Arizona — SmartPractice is a 2014 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America award winner. The 2014 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America is a year-long, highly selective two-stage assessment spanning the United States to include companies of all sizes, regions and industries. The analysis is conducted by Healthiest Employers, the leader in employee health analytics, best practices and benchmark data. All 100 employers achieved remarkable and sustainable success … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice expands in Europe with Trolab patch acquisition

Business Journal, Jan 8, 2014
Phoenix, Arizona — It took seven years for Dr. Curt Hamann, CEO of SmartPractice, to close a deal in which the Phoenix medical products company bought the Trolab allergy patch test business from Almirall in Barcelona, Spain. He’s been tracking the niche business ever since the company was started in Denmark and then was purchased by a German firm. “It’s the Mercedes-Benz of this little niche market,” Hamann said of the Trolab patch test business, which allows for easy allergy testing on the skin. … (read the full press release)

PR Web, November 18, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona — SmartPractice owners Drs. Curt and Beth Hamann recently spent an afternoon with a group of patients at Phoenix Children's Hospital who have undergone treatment for a range of childhood cancers. After spending some time sharing a snack and getting to know each other, "Dr. Beth" talked with the kids about the importance of keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Then they broke out the art supplies and started to sketch, color and paint some of what they learned. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Introduces New Scented Nitrile Exam Gloves

Dentistry IQ, October 12, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona — Blue nitrile exam gloves are an ideal, latex-free barrier protection solution, but their scent has always left something to be desired … until now. Introducing Kulorful Sqwiggly Scented Nitrile Exam Gloves, infused with a rich, delicious aroma that will transport patients to a world of tasty treats like freshly baked sugar cookies, dreamy clouds of cotton candy, or home-made vanilla ice cream. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Le Soothe Polychloroprene Exam Gloves Receive Excellent Elasticity Rating from Clinicians Report

Dentistry IQ, September 9, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona — Dentists, hygienists and dental assistants frustrated by a lack of elasticity in non-latex gloves have a reason to rejoice. Le Soothe® Polychloroprene Exam Gloves from SmartPractice have been rated by Clinicians Report® as the only non-latex glove with Excellent Elasticity. Additionally, the gloves received an overall rating of Excellent-Good. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice extends line of Pink Ribbon dental products

Dentistry IQ, July 19, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona — Phoenix — Dental practices can make their purchases of disposables make a difference even more by choosing Pink Ribbon Gloves of Hope polychloroprene exam gloves. This latex-free glove option fits, feels, and performs like a latex glove but contains no natural rubber latex proteins, which can irritate sensitized individuals. It joins the family of Pink Ribbon prophy angles, bags, whitening kits and more. … (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Releases the 3 Rs of Referrals to Help Dental Offices Gain More New Patients with Minimal Effort, July 8, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona — Every dental office needs a steady flow of new patients to grow and thrive. What many dentists don't realize is that their current patients are their best and most convincing form of dental practice marketing. Kristin Uhles, SmartPractice Director of Marketing says, "Dental offices value patient referrals, and for good reason - they're the #1 way to create new patients who are typically more loyal, too." Getting current patients to spread the word about the high-quality dental care they receive is easy when the dental team has the right knowledge and the patients have the right tools. The key is to master The Three Rs of Referrals… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice publishes dental practice seasonal marketing guide

Dentistry IQ, April 23, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona — The new spring cleaning dental marketing guide from SmartPractice helps dentists, office managers, and hygienists to access proven information to help grow their dental practices. Users who download the spring cleaning marketing guide will have access to step-by-step ideas on how to not only execute, but also track results and help achieve long-term goals for practice growth… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Runs Special Offer on a Unique Marketing Opportunity - Custom Patient Whitening Kits, April 18, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona — Dental practices have an exciting new option to help patients achieve amazing at-home teeth whitening results - Custom Reflection® Whitening Kits from SmartPractice. Offices can create a kit that's uniquely theirs by uploading their logo or chosen image online and adding their desired personalization. It's fast, easy and fun to create these one-of-a-kind whitening solution kits.… (read the full press release)

Top 5 Healthiest Employers in Phoenix

Phoenix Business Journal, March 22, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona — American Express Co., SmartPractice and McCarthy Building Cos. Inc. all have different markets and business models, but all three place a high value on a healthy work force and all three were ranked No. 1 in the three lists of Healthiest Employers… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Introduces Technology to Create Fully Customizable Supply Bags Online

Dental Town, March 21, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona — One of the easiest, most affordable means of dental practice marketing is to send patients home with their Toothbrush, Floss, Brochures and other dental supplies in a Custom Supply Bag featuring the practice’s name and unique logo. SmartPractice makes it easy to create these bags by allowing dental offices to upload logos and information directly to bags and see instantly how their finished bag will look. They also have the option of emailing the logo… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice honored for workplace award

Dentistry IQ, December 12, 2012
Phoenix, Arizona — SmartPractice is a recipient of the Best of the Best Workplace in the Americas Award, presented by the Printing Industries of America. Awarded to a total of only 18 graphic arts companies, SmartPractice is one of only five in the “Large Companies” category with 250+ employees, and the only Arizona-based company to receive the honor. Additionally, SmartPractice has been recognized with this honor annually, beginning in 2002… (read the full press release)

Dental website aims to improve inventory management, access to marketing best practices

Dentistry IQ, November 16, 2012
Phoenix, Arizona — The relaunch of the new coincides with the introduction of the 2012 SmartPractice seasonal collection and features customizable holiday cards and 2013 calendars… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Earns Award

Dentistry IQ, March 30, 2011
Phoenix, Arizona — SmartPractice has been recognized with a Platinum Award for participation in United Blood Services community blood drives. The Platinum level is the highest of the "Valentines for Life" achievements, given to those companies whose participation rate is 50% or more of their projected goal… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice offers postcards to benefit Japan relief efforts

Dentistry IQ, March 25, 2011
Phoenix, Arizona — SmartPractice has created a collection of postcards designed to raise money for Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. To read more about SmartPractice, go to SmartPractice. All 100% of the profits from the sale of these cards will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society. These cards were created as a tribute to the 66 employees of SmartPractice Japan and their families. Their courage and resolve in dealing with the aftermath of the March 11, 2011, earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear emergency epitomizes resilience and strength… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice and SmartScrubs Hosting Charity Golf Tournament

Orthodontic Products Online
Phoenix, Arizona — SmartPractice, Phoenix, and SmartScrubs, Phoenix, will host the 9th annual SmartScramble Charity Golf Tournament on May 6, 2011, in Scottsdale, Ariz. The event will benefit Give Kids a Smile Children's Dental Access Program. Last year, the event raised $20,000 to help underserved children in Arizona with everything from their first dental checkup to minor oral surgery… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice offers free CE credits online

Dentistry IQ, March 8, 2011
Phoenix, Arizona — SmartPractice has announced educational opportunities for dental professionals to earn free CE credits online. To read more about SmartPractice, go to SmartPractice. Visit for access to more than 140 hours of content, including 74 product tutorials from 3M ESPE, DENTSPLY, Kerr, GC America, and other leading manufacturers… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice Introduces Free Online CE Utilizing Viva Learning

Learn HealthSci, February 28, 2011
Phoenix, Arizona — Accessible from the SmartPractice® website, through a partnership with Viva Learning®, web visitors can access free CE content including live, interactive webinars, archives and product training modules. "We are excited to expand visibility and broaden the audience of Viva webinars and product tutorials… (read the full press release)

New generation of pediatric patient products launched

Dentistry IQ, October 28, 2010
Phoenix, Arizona — Reach out and engage young patients (and their parents) during National Children's Dental Health Month in February 2011 with Sqwiggly pediatric patient communications and promotional giveaways. Colorful, fun, inspiring, and educational, Sqwiggly products feature the Zoofari Kids and the Smile Zone Kids. These relatable cartoon characters were developed to give dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants the tools to present the importance of good oral health in a way that's easier for pediatric dental patients to understand. Designed to help ease treatment anxiety and improve compliance, Sqwiggly products make dental office visits a positive experience for everyone… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice introduces whitening kit that generates revenue and referrals for your dental practice

Dentistry IQ, October 14, 2010
Phoenix, Arizona — Generate revenue and referrals for your dental practice with personalized Reflection Advanced Tooth Whitening Take-Home Kits that offer patients visible, sparkling white results in as little as three days. Used as a patient acquisition tool, your practice will be the talk of the town when new dental patients tell their friends and family they received a free Tooth Whitening Kit at their first visit. And because they're personalized with your dental practice information, patients can easily give your name to friends and family and know exactly who to call when they need to purchase refills for their kit… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice donates profits from Pink Ribbon products

Dentistry IQ, September 28, 2010
Phoenix, Arizona — SmartPractice served as host for a Cancer Awareness Health Fair for employees and their families in the summer of 2010. Employees were encouraged to wear pink to the event that featured awareness, education, and cancer prevention tips from the American Cancer Society, Guardians of the Ribbon, and the Wellness Community. The Pink Fire Truck was on-site selling t-shirts to create awareness, and women had the opportunity to sign up for monthly self-exam reminders and Mobile OnSite Mammography screenings. Attendees received educational materials from the American Cancer Society and learned about programs offered at the Wellness Community.… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice supports American troops

Dentistry IQ, May 4, 2010
Phoenix, Arizona — Until June 30, 2010, SmartPractice will donate 5% of profits from online sales of Patriotic products to the Wounded Warrior Project. Choose from a variety of products including recall and appointment cards, supply bags, magnets, and toothbrushes that feature All-American, red, white and blue designs. Products are personalized free and should ship within 48 hours of ordering. With Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Fourth of July approaching, order Patriotic products while knowing that a portion of the proceeds will go directly to help America's men and women they fight for our freedom.… (read the full press release)

Community-wide effort: Spring "Give Kids a Smile" blooms as Arizona stakeholders work together

ADA News, May 3, 2010
Phoenix, Arizona — GKAS supporter SmartPractice, a Phoenix-based company that markets products and services to health care professionals, has donated more than $46,000 from its annual SmartScramble golf tournament since 2006. The 2010 golf tournament held in the afternoon of April 16, following the volunteer clinic event, raised another $20,000 for Arizona GKAS programs.… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice helps Nature Conservancy with donations

Dental Economics, April 5, 2010
Phoenix, Arizona — To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2010, SmartPractice will donate 10% of the profits from Le Soothe Latex Medical Gloves sold that day to the Nature Conservancy's "Plant a Billion Trees" program… (read the full press release)

SmartPractice makes donations to Haitian earthquake relief

Dental Office Magazine, February 5, 2010
Phoenix, Arizona — SmartPractice has responded to the global need for medical, dental and infection control supplies by partnering with organizations that… (read the full press release)

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