Drs. Beth and Curt Hamann - Our Owners

Dr.Curt Hamann

Dr. Curt Hamann’s Background

President, CEO and Medical Director of SmartPractice, Dr. Curt Hamann received his medical degree from Loma Linda University. A pioneer in the development of non-latex polymers for use in medical gloves, Dr. Hamann is an internationally-recognized authority on rubber-based allergies, glove manufacturing, hand hygiene and infection control. He attends annual FDA/CDC meetings as an international authority on latex hypersensitivity, is frequently published in peer-reviewed journals and speaks throughout the world on occupational allergies, infection control and patient communication. Curt enjoys reading, running and spending time with his wife Beth and their family.

Dr. Beth Hamann’s Background

Dr. Beth Hamann, Vice President of SmartPractice, graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. In 2011 she opened Agave Dental in Phoenix. Beth developed Hands of Hope, a Central American dental/medical outreach program, and participates in national dental community programs such as the ADA’s Give Kids A Smile®. Active in several professional and community organizations, she consults, writes and speaks on issues of importance to women in dentistry. Beth most recently became an American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine Diplomate. Beth enjoys fitness and travel.

A Look at our Journey so Far

The Early Years

Starting in 1969 as Semantodontics, SmartPractice was formed as a new “idea” company that has since developed into a leader in “people-oriented” services and products for the progressive growing practice. Since the early days of Semantodontics, health care professionals began realizing, with ever-increasing importance, the need to establish mutually beneficial relationships with their patients. These relationships are necessary for the professional to facilitate a lasting behavioral change in the patient, resulting in better health and greater longevity. Motivating a lasting change requires effective communication. Semantodontics was created out of the need to build these relationships.