Our Values

our values

Our family of companies is focused on doing what we can to promote “Healthier Practices,” for both health care providers and consumers, and linking these “Healthier Practices” to “Healthier Patients.” Undoubtedly, a healthier population is of benefit to mankind and the human condition.

With that background, all our strategic and operating decisions are made based on the values featured in the above graphic.

Curt Hamann, M.D. President
and CEO SmartPractice
"With a looming global crisis related to the cost and availability of health care, a combination of factors, namely availability of food supply and nutrition coupled with advances in medical science, have helped lead to an average life span thought impossible only a few decades ago. With an expanding aging population comes the natural increase in demand for affordable health care. The cost of health care has expanded geometrically in recent times as a result of some of those same scientific advances and other well documented causes. Concurrently, the global funding mechanisms, private, public and government insurance schemes, face tremendous pressure. Health care is being rationed, reimbursement is being reduced and no part of the system is satisfied with its performance."