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Dexterity 300 Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves

Dexterity® 300 Nitrile Exam Gloves

The unique nitrile formulation molds to fit the natural shape of the hand for a more comfortable fit that relieves the pressure on the thumb.

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QualiTouch® Nitrile Left/Right Powder Free Fitted Gloves

Experience the comfort of a uniquely designed, non-latex, surgical fit exam glove. The unique, formulation of thermo-responsive nitrile provides a softness and fit normally associated with latex gloves.

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Reflection® Sapphire™ Sensitive Nitrile Exam Gloves

A great alternative for those sensitive to latex and many of the chemicals commonly used to manufacture latex and non-latex gloves

How to Prevent Allergic Reactions to Gloves

It’s common for dental workers to blame latex for the host of allergies and irritations that they experience at work. In a lot of cases, latex isn’t the culprit. Often, it’s the accelerators commonly used to make both latex AND non-latex gloves: specifically, carbamates and thiurams. (Note: Only a qualified physician can diagnose the cause of your allergies or irritations.)

Learn about allergic reactions to gloves and other substances and what you can do about them in this video >>

Allergic Reactions to Gloves

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Finding the right exam glove is essential. That’s why our Customer Care Team is backed by the expertise of Dr. Curt Hamann, CEO and Medical Director of SmartPractice. Considered an authority on latex and rubber-based allergies, as well as a pioneer in the creation and usage of left/right fitted gloves, Dr. Hamann is the driving force behind our continued commitment to provide comfortable, effective, affordable glove options for all health care professionals. Dr. Hamann received his medical degree from Loma Linda University, where he interned in Preventive Medicine. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of OSAP and is broadly published in numerous peer-reviewed dental and medical journals.

The SmartPractice Commitment.

We offer unique exam glove solutions for health care professionals who experience allergies, hand fatigue and pain, contact dermatitis or simply those seeking an excellent assortment of reliable, high-quality gloves at competitive prices. SmartPractice is committed to being a resource for your latex or Non-latex exam glove needs and problem solving information.

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