Example of Patch Test Reimbursement

On national average, U.S. Medicare reimbursement (2015) is approximately $5.73 per CPT 95044. Below is an example of what a typical physician administered, T.R.U.E. TEST reimbursement looks like for a new patient.

New Patient E/M Fee
CPT code 99203 (20 min)
Patch Test Allergens $5.73 x 36
CPT Code 95044
Panel Removal and First Reading E/M Fee (48 hrs.)
CPT code 99212 (10 min.)
Second Reading E/M Fee (72 hrs.)
CPT code 99212 (10 min.)
Final E/M and Patient Counseling
CPT code 99214 (25 min.)
Final Reimbursement with 2 Readings $509.40
Final Reimbursement with 1 Reading $465.72

Visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Physician Fee Schedule Search
to view averages in your state.

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