Finn Chambers

Provides a reliable, tight occlusion
Minimal skin irritation and sweat retention
Convenient and time saving

Finn Chamber is a patch test device which provides good occlusion because of the chamber design. The 8 mm inner diameter provides a 50 mm2 area and about 20 µl volume.

Finn Chambers AQUA

These chambers are water resistant, allowing patients to participate in moderate exercise or take a light shower while being patch tested. The tape used for these two chambers is a clear polyurethane film coated on one side with a medical grade acrylic adhesive.

Finn Chambers on Scanpor

Finn Chambers are available mounted on Scanpor tape as well as polyurethane tape. The chambers are made of aluminium. Polypropylene coated chambers (8, 12, 18 mm) and 12 mm aluminium chambers are available for special purposes.

Finn Chambers ATOPY

Ancillary Products

Finn Chambers History

Finn Chambers were developed by Professor Veikko Pirilä, a founding member of the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group. Professor Pirilä’s family ran the business successfully for more than 30 years under the company name Epitest Ltd. Oy (Tuusula, Finland). Keys to its success were a focus on high quality and customer service. Because of Epitest’s strong specialization and technology in the diagnosis of skin allergy, its reach internationally was at the core of its business.

In August 2008 Curt Hamann, M.D. and his wife Beth Hamann, D.D.S., acquired Epitest’s business relating to Finn Chamber products through their family of companies operating under the SmartPractice® umbrella and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Hamman and his family are committed to helping doctors and patients solve Allergic Contact Dermatitis problems.Dr. Hamann's interest in Allergic Contact Dermatitis is demonstrated by his authorship of dozens of articles on the subject, contribution in dermatology reference books and work in clinical trials on latex sensitivity. He has a passion for diagnosing and solving health issues and getting people back to work.

SmartPractice, the global leader in patch testing and all things contact dermatitis, sells the most comprehensive line of regulated allergens and chambers through its TRUE Test® manufacturing, allergEAZE® distribution, and Finn Chamber® products manufacturing.