TruVol Precision Allergen Dispenser

TruVol Precision Allergen Dispenser provides a standardized dose of allergen every time. Simply attach TruVol to petrolatum-based allergen syringes and get more consistent patch test results without the guesswork

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Advantages of TruVol

  • Accurately delivers a standardized dose (20μl) with each use.
  • Helps save money by eliminating over-filled chambers.
  • Exclusion of false negative results due to insufficiently filled chambers.

See TruVol in Action

Watch this short video to see just how easy it is to use TruVol Precision Allergen Dispenser!

Quick and Easy Application

LOAD your allergen syringe into the TruVol Precision Allergen Dispenser.

FILL the TruVol metering chamber with allergen (wipe excess allergen from tip).

APPLY allergen to the chamber by depressing the TruVol plunger.

TruVol Precision Allergen Dispenser


TruVol Precision Allergen Dispenser for filling chambers in patch testing.

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