Join the Contact Dermatitis Institute

CDI for Health Care Professionals

For continuing education, examining best practices and developing new techniques are imperative to the growth and development of the patch testing community. CDI is committed to providing training opportunities, the latest news, resources, and research to the patch testing community.

Within the site you will find:

  • Patient Education Materials, including Allergen Information Sheets
  • Information on Training Opportunities
  • Updates on Current Research
  • Opportunities to Expand your Business, including our Physician Locator Service

The Contact Dermatitis Institute also offers Healthcare Professionals the unique opportunity to participate in an interactive peer-to-peer community. The CDI Interactive and Knowledgeable Peer Community is designed to ignite discussion and share knowledge. This site operates as a single location for the patch testing community to come together and share ideas, resources, and engage in various learning opportunities.

Within in the CDI community you will find:

  • Learning Modules
  • Webinars
  • Informative Posts from Patch Testing Experts
  • Community Forums for Peer-To-Peer Discussions and Questions
  • The Latest News in Contact Dermatitis