Patch Testing Information For Patients

Here at SmartPractice, we believe that every patient deserves a diagnosis. An important part of ensuring a patient stays allergy free is the education that occurs after the diagnosis.

We have created a number of resources to help guide your patients through the patch test process and what to do after they have been diagnosed with an allergy.

Check back often! We are continually creating new material to help you successfully educate your patients.

Before patch testing, provide patients with a brochure that explains the patch test process and answers their most frequently asked questions. Download our free web version below, or contact our sales team to receive printed patient information brochures.

Patch Test Guide

If you are interested in a version that can be personalized with your clinic information, contact our customer service team by phone at 800-878-3837.

Once patch testing has been completed, provide patients with information regarding their allergy, including where it can found and how to avoid it.

Our comprehensive T.R.U.E. TEST® allergen information sheets cover the above information and much more. Find your allergen in the list below and download the information sheet by clicking on it.

Additional Handouts

We have additional handouts to use in your office to help educate your patients.

Online Resources

The following sites provide information about allergens, patch testing, and contact dermatitis.

The following sites provide diagnostic and skin care products for the allergic patient.

Because manufacturers change product content frequently, no site or information source can be completely accurate or current. Be sure to verify a product's ingredients with the manufacturer if you suspect that it contains an allergen of interest.

SmartPractice does not endorse or verify the accuracy of the information presented in these web sites and will not be held responsible for any action taken from the interpretation of this information.