allergEAZE® Clear Skin Patch Test Chambers

The allergEAZE clear patch test chambers feature a clear polyurethane panel for skin patch testing that provides excellent moisture resistance, reliable adhesion, optimum skin occlusion and increased comfort for the patient as the panel material flexes to allow greater freedom of movement.

Each skin patch test panel consists of three layers:

  • The Panel: the thin stretchy rectangular panel (120mm x 60mm) is a polyurethane film coated on one side with a medical grade acrylic adhesive consistent with adhesives used in state-of-the-art hypoallergenic surgical tapes. Two rows of five square (8mm x 8mm) inert polyethylene terephthalate (PET) chambers are mounted on the panels. The edges of the chambers are raised for optimal occlusion and to secure the high-quality filtration paper inside each chamber
  • The Liner: a white protective paper, fitted with 10 square perforations allows for easy pre-loading without removing the protective paper until panel placement
  • The Stabilizing Film: this thin polyethylene liner is removed after placement and is used to stabilize the polyurethane panel until placement and is then removed


  • Rows/chambers: 2 x 5
  • Chamber size: 8mm x 8mm (64mm2)
  • Chamber volume: 40 µl (max)=20 µl of test material
  • Between chamber spacing: 9mm
  • Between row spacing: 16mm

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How to Use allergEAZE Clear skin patch test chambers

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